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Resolver is a one-stop-shop for consumer complaints. We work together with businesses to ensure consumers follow the correct complaint process and that a resolution is reached simply and efficiently.

Helping you help your customers

When your customers visit Resolver, they are using us because they’ve had a bad experience of some sort. We make sure that consumers who come to Resolver are put straight through to the right people in your business to help you ensure they remain your loyal and happy customer.

Insightful guidance

Resolver is here to help your business identify, evaluate, and act upon your customer's needs.

With Resolver's know-how, your business will be perfectly positioned to find the best possible route to a resolution for both you and your customers.

Trusted and recognised

Resolver stands as the mark of a credible, trustworthy business that attracts and values loyal customers. Organisations we work with benefit from better insight into their customers’ needs – and a better understanding of how to deliver them.

It's private and it's free - what's not to like?

Resolver is a free service. We do not charge, we do not carry adverts and we do not sell personal customer data. We are there to be fair and reasonable, to help ensure your customer is happy and that you retain their loyalty and future business.

Help us help you

If you think there is something wrong with the escalation procedure, or the email address we are using is incorrect, or you would like to know precisely what the escalation process is for your company, then please email us from your business email address. We will happily explain the Resolver process in more detail and will work with you to ensure it is aligned with your procedures. Our objective is to make the complaints process simple and effective for the consumer and as efficient as possible for you and we will gladly work with you to achieve this. 

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