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Lay by

Lay-bys: What you need to know

21/06/2018 Walking past a store and seeing a pair of shoes or rug that you really want but are not in a position to afford can be quite a painful experience. However, the lay-by system presents an attractive solution to this unpleasant situation. This method of purchase allows you to have a particular basket of products set aside until you have fully paid the total cost off over a predetermined period, without interest.

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Electronic device failure

Electronic device returns and warranty woes

14/06/2018 An average phone, laptop, camera or game console will cost you a couple of thousands, and these days, they may only last for two years at best! In extreme cases, some consumers could only enjoy its use for a few months before it gives in. 

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Customer service

Value your customer’s complaint - it’s precious!

Introducing Resolver for business - Resolver is a free online complaints tool designed to simplify the complaints process and help consumers get their complaints resolved.

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Board with mad face

We'd like to know what you are gatvol of as a consumer

08/06/2018 The issue of the ‘apathetic consumer’ in South Africa is partly based on the lack of engagement on the part of businesses when it comes to complaints.

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Selling your car

Things to consider when selling your car

31/05/2018 For the most part, the Consumer Protection Act protects consumers who buy pre-owned cars, however, there are some entitlements that it extends to the seller. In this article, we’ll look at what you should consider as well as the protections afforded to you by the CPA.

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Buying a car

Buying a car? These are your rights

17/05/2018 Whether you are buying new or buying used, your rights are protected by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA.)

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Online shopping

Online shopping: Your rights

03/05/2018 An obsession with online boutiques, a very busy schedule or a strong dislike for queues – whatever your reason is for online shopping, you should know that you have rights!

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Negative option marketing%281%29

Negative option marketing: What it is and your rights

26/04/2018 Negative option marketing is an illegal and unfair marketing practice, which the Consumer Protection Act recognises.

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Displayed %20price vs till%20price discrepancies cpa

Displayed price vs till price discrepancies, what does the CPA say?

18/04/2018 Picture the scene - you have R200 in hand to pay for two pairs of jeans clearly marked R89.99 each and suddenly the cashier says “that’ll be R379.98.”

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What to do when food deliveries go wrong

09/04/2018 Whether it is one of those cold days that you would rather stay in snuggled up, a standing Friday pizza night tradition or you just don’t feel like facing the stove, food delivery has become a staple service for many of us. However great it is, food deliveries can go wrong and it will be helpful for you to know what you can do if you are given the short end of the stick, as is often the case.

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