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Why was my insurance claim denied%20

Why was my insurance claim denied?

14/08/2018 It is very likely that you either misunderstood what you are covered for, or you may have neglected to disclose some pertinent information to your insurer. 

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Credit life

Credit Life Insurance: Your rights

08/08/2018 If you have a loan or a store card from one of the giant retailers, it is possible that you have been paying a premium for this type of insurance without even realising it!

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Value Added Service fees… what charges are these?

03/08/2018 Consumers have been up in arms on social media over bank charges. In particular, FNB clients can’t seem to understand why they have to pay so many different fees - the most popularly questioned pair being ‘Value Added Serv Fees’ and ‘Service Fees’.

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Code of banking practice

Credit cards and your credit rights

01/08/2018 As it is with most things, too much credit will definitely make you sick! However, if properly managed, credit can help you maintain a healthy financial life. Credit cards are a great tool for cash flow management and often provide you with a financial cushion to help with early debit order collections and other cash-demanding situations that you may not always see coming.

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High bank charges

Why are my bank charges so high?

25/07/2018 Excessive bank charges are a usual cause of frustration for consumers. Many consumers don’t understand some of the charges that mysteriously pop up on their statements, so they just accept them as the normal charges and move on.

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Accidental money transfers deposits

I mistakenly transferred all my money into the wrong account, what now?

19/07/2018 What would you do if a large amount of money was mistakenly deposited into your account? It may see like an impossible occurrence, but transfer mistakes happen a lot more often than you would think.

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Code of banking practice

Code of Banking Practice: How your bank should treat you

11/07/2018 The banking sector may not be very easy to connect to the Consumer Protection Act like most industries, but it is still obligated to provide you with a little more than just ‘good service.’

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Banking scams

Look out for these scams in the banking sector

05/07/2018 Remote banking is a convenience a lot of us wouldn’t want to give up. Statistics indicate that more and more South African users are getting comfortable enough to rely on remote banking to manage their finances. Unfortunately, the number of cyber criminals set on exploiting unsuspecting consumers is also on the rise.

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Gatvol consumers fed up

Gatvol: This is what consumers are fed up with!

29/06/2018 This past month, we looked into what ordinary consumers are tired of putting up with. In this article, we look at the top complaint picks from our social media and analyse them according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

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Repairs no happy ending

Repairs with no happy endings - what now?

27/06/2018 Your electronic device or car has finally returned from the repair shop but instead of functioning normally, it is worse off or there seems to have been new damages as a result of the repairs.

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