2018 Joburg Valuation Roll: What you need to know


23/02/2018 Every four years the City of Johannesburg updates the market value of your property. The Valuation Roll is a record of the outcome of the city-wide valuation and is currently available for public inspection and objection until Friday 6 April at 15h00.

What it means for you

Generally, the market value of houses increase and as a result the rates and taxes on your property are mostly likely to increase. The new rates will be effective from 1 July this year when the roll is implemented.

Roll inspections and objections

Owners may inspect the Valuation Roll and submit objections online or by visiting one of the 12 assigned venues in Joburg. The venues as well as the valuation roll can be viewed on the city’s website.

To lodge an objection, you can make use of the online objection functionality or deliver, by hand, a completed objection form, a copy of your Section 49 notice to expedite the process, and all your supporting documents to the prescribed venues. Objections will not be accepted via email or fax.

To view the valuation of your property, visit the City of Joburg’s General Valuation section of their website. Ensure that you have your municipal account handy as you will need your stand and portion number to use the search facility. Once you’ve reviewed your property, you can download the objection form and Section 49 notice. Alternatively access your online municipal account for these details.

Do I still have to pay more if I lodged an objection?

Note that lodging an objection does not defer the liability for payment of rates and taxes. You must pay the new rates while you await the outcome of your objection. If your dispute is approved, you will be refunded any excess rates and taxes you paid. However, if the city upholds the initial valuation of your property after reviewing your objection, you will be notified of the outcome and have the opportunity to lodge an appeal within 30 days of receiving the outcome letter.

Remember, the onus is on you to prove that the city’s valuation of your property is incorrect. So make sure you gather and submit as much information as possible to support your reason/s for objection.

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