Online shopping deliveries gone awol


05/09/2018 Millions of consumers would agree that online shopping is the best way to shop. With a world of global goods only a click away, it isn’t too hard to imagine why this is the popular opinion. But what happens when things go wrong and you never see your ‘parcel’?

For some consumers, their online shopping experience has been permanently tainted by delivery nightmares. The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) extensively deals with the issue of returns and the quality of goods, but this doesn’t mean you should simply take failed deliveries lying down.

Products that were simply never delivered

Whether it is a result of insufficient stock or otherwise, if you do not receive your goods on the agreed date or within the agreed time period, you are entitled to a full refund, without penalty. The same would apply if you receive the wrong order.

Incomplete orders

It is actually often the case that one half of your cart gets lost somewhere between you checking out and the goods being dispatched for delivery. Specific items could be arriving from different warehouses, so somewhere along the way these two items don’t make it on the same delivery vehicle that’s been dispatched to your doorstep.

Most online shopping items are delivered in double packages for preservation/protection, which makes it very hard to check at the point of delivery. Unless stores give you an opportunity to thoroughly check your order and choose to reject or accept it while the courier is present, then they are still obligated to receive a refund or receive the missing items.

Always remember to take pictures of the package and note what is missing. Then contact the store as soon as you can and alert them of the issue.

Orders delivered to the wrong address

There are two main ways this can happen - your fat finger syndrome got the better of you and you typed in the wrong delivery address, or there was a technical issue on the store’s system. The latter will completely free you from the liability to pay a penalty. But if you are responsible for the mix up, you may be charged an additional fee for the repeat delivery.

Always review your order after you check out and make sure your details are correct. Most stores will let you know once your order has been delivered. If you receive a notification of a successful delivery but you know you didn’t receive anything, contact the store immediately as it may mean it was delivered to the wrong address or the address didn’t exist and it was returned to the warehouse.

Remember to keep any documentation detailing all your payments and the delivery agreement. If won't help for you to complain if you were not available to accept the delivery on the agreed delivery date.
In addition to the aforementioned scenarios, you also have every right to complain if your order keeps getting rescheduled or is delivered on a different date from the one you agreed to without you being told about it.

The sooner you report delivery discrepancies the better. If the store you ordered from has an order tracking facility, make use of it so you can pick up inconsistencies quicker. Unfortunately, the longer you go without making contact with the store, the harder it may be for your parcel to find its way home.

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