What is Resolver?


Have you ever thought of complaining about a product or service but aborted the mission because you have no idea who to complain to or where to complain? Well, Resolver is now in South Africa and can help you get your voice heard and your issues resolved!

As a consumer, you may feel that businesses and organisations are quick to sell you their products or services but when they are left with an unhappy customer they seem a little less eager to assist. That is what makes the complaints’ process so unsettling for many consumers. Let’s face it, when you want to complain, you are already frustrated and not in the mood to deal with an incompetent staff member or long delays at the contact centre. More often than not, instead of enforcing your rights, you fold and promise yourself you will never buy from that business again. Even though this may seem like the solution to your problem, it does not help you or the business you are unhappy with.

Who are we?

Resolver is a free online platform designed to help you raise your complaint and assist businesses to efficiently resolve issues. Our goal is to make the complaint’s process as quick, easy and pain-free for you as possible and ultimately to get your complaint resolved.

Using Resolver, you can complain to businesses, organisations and service providers all in one place. We’ll ensure your complaint gets to the right person and we will even help you escalate your issue to key industry regulators and ombudsmen. Our website is easy to use and once you have lodged your complaint, our system will make recommendations on next steps you can take and when to take them. Resolver helps you keep track of your complaint and stores all relevant information and evidence securely in a case file created for your easy access and use. In this way you have a fully packaged complaint case file to send to the relevant regulator or ombudsman when it is time to escalate your complaint.

Resolver is a “one-stop-shop” for consumer complaints. In addition to simplifying the complaints process, we educate you about your basic consumer rights so you can be empowered to speak up and get your issues resolved. And we do this in plain English, so that you can actually understand your rights. By using Resolver, you can save a lot of time, energy, hard earned money and of course, get your issue resolved!

You might be wondering, how is it that we are free? Well as consumers ourselves, we believe every consumer has the right to have their issues raised and resolved fairly. We are also not here to bash companies as we understand that any good business or organisation that values its consumers and wants them to be happy and satisfied with their products and service will go the extra mile to quickly resolve a consumer complaint. While our focus is on the consumer, we work together with companies and service providers to use the insights we receive to help them improve their services and resolve complaints efficiently. For these services we will charge them a subscription fee. We don’t share your personal data, but use trends to help work out how companies can improve. This assists businesses to provide a desirable customer service experience and ultimately ensures a comprehensive and smooth complaints process for all.

Who do you have an issue with?

Raise it for free via Resolver

Resolver promises

We will never share your personal data with anyone without your permission - your case will go to the firm you’re complaining about and, if appropriate, to an ombudsman.

If you find something wrong with a company or our processes, tell us and we will put it right.

You can raise a complaint against Resolver via Resolver itself.

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